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When you're on the Newport Legacy, sailing the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, you feel alive and inspired.

Blue Whale Season is almost here! Don't miss out! The Blue Whale season starts in early summer. June through September we see hundreds of the largest animals swimming past our neck of the woods, and boy what a sight! Feeding on krill and swimming right off the LA coast. These magnificent creatures weigh in at nearly 400,000lbs and stretch to lengths of close to 100ft long! So anytime you want to go whale watching in Orange County during the year your chances of spotting whales are high!

You don't want to miss such spectacular sightings. Not only do we get to see blue whales, but we also see finback whales, minke whales, humpbacks, gray whales and more! There are also huge pods of common dolphin, Risso dolphin, and Bottlenose dolphin that swim around and play with the boat. We'd love to have you and your family onboard. We've got 3 cruise times daily! Watch as hundreds of gray whales migrate through our waters in the winter through spring, or see the happy sea lions sun bathing on the buoys.


  • 2 - 2.5 hour cruise aboard the Newport Legacy
  • A trip aboard our insured vessel to potentially view whales, dolphins, sea lions and marine birds.
  • Knowledgeable crew members on board the vessel to give information and answer questions about the sightings, boat and other related inquiries.
  • Newport Legacy is also offering the option for an onboard American Cetacean Society Naturalist to accompany your group out on the water to answer any questions, and entertain your group throughout the trip. *dependent on naturalist availability
  • Option to go on an Enhanced Whale Watching Cruises or a Marine Protected Area Citizen Science Cruises for school field trips.

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